"Dolce Caramello" with catalan cream - 300g

"Dolce Caramello" with catalan cream - 300g

  • very soft cake
  • 100% natural leavening
  • with tasty catalan custard
  • with caramel
  • Hand decorated with sugar grains

The softness of natural leavening
The caramel cream dessert is a very soft cake made with 100% natural leavening. This delicious dessert is enriched with a tasty Catalan pastry custard and caramel, all decorated by hand with sugar grains. It is perfect for those who love sweet and creamy flavors.
What makes our dessert irresistible is its very soft and pleasant consistency on the palate.

The Catalan cream
The heart of this cake is filled with a Catalan custard, which offers a perfect balance between sweetness and complex aromas. The caramel adds a sweet and rich note to the cake, creating a delicious contrast with the custard.
Surprise your palate with the caramel cream dessert and let yourself be conquered by its soft consistency and its enveloping tastes.

Catalan cream 27% (sugar, glucose syrup, water, palm oil, egg yolk, skimmed milk powder, cream powder, aromas, aroma Catalan cream, caramel aroma, thickener: pectin; preservative: potassium sorbate; salt), soft wheat flour, caramelized sugar in Climb 11%, butter, sugar, pasteurized egg yolk, mother yeast Natural (tender wheat flour, water), emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides fatty acids of vegetable origin; caramelized sugar, egg white pasteurized, sugar syrup, salt, malpatient wheat flour, aroma caramel 0.1%, natural vanilla aroma, berries vanilla extract of Madagascar.
It can contain mustard, soy, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios,

More Information
Weight 300 g
Line Bulk
Brand Flamigni
Country of Manufacture Italy
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