5 kg magnum panettone

5 kg magnum panettone

  • 5 kg of panettone to accompany your parties
  • with sultanas
  • with pieces of candied citrus fruits
  • totally natural leavening
  • vanilla flavored

Milano Alto "Magnum" panettone from 5 kg - The apex of Christmas grandeur
Our Milano Alto "Magnum" panettone of 5 kg is the symbol of the abundance and size of the holidays. Presented in an elegant gift box covered with fine Indian paper made by hand and decorated with relief flowers, this panettone is a culinary work of art that enchants both the eyes and the palate.

Magnum: the secret ingredient for the success of the Christmas holidays
This extraordinary panettone is a celebration of the Italian tradition, with the dough made with care using soft wheat flour, butter, sultanas and candied fruit peel, including the delicious orange and cedar peel. The fragrance and softness of each slice tell the story of the Italian holidays.
This 5 Kg "Magnum" Milano Alto Panettone is ideal for the largest celebrations and to share the joy of the holidays with a large number of people. Its majestic presentation makes it the strong piece of the party table, and its traditional flavor is a tribute to the Italian culinary roots. Create an unforgettable moment with this 5 kg "Magnum" panettone, the maximum Christmas size (unless you prefer our Magnum 10 kg)

Tenero wheat flour, sultanas, candied fruit peel (peel orange and cedar peel, glucose-fruttose syrup, sugar, juice of concentrated lemon), butter, pasteurized egg yolk, sugar, yeast natural mother (tender wheat flour, water), emulsifiers: mono- e diglycerides of fatty acids of vegetable origin; sugar syrup, salt, Malit wheat flour, natural aromas, vanilla extract from berries of Madagascar.
It may contain mustard, soy, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios.

More Information
Weight 5 kg
Line Gold
Brand Flamigni
Country of Manufacture Italy
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