Supreme Nougat in Crumbly Almond Flakes 65%

Supreme Nougat in Crumbly Almond Flakes 65%


Torrone Supremo Flamigni almond nougat is proposed in the traditional slat shape. After cooking, in fact, the dough is carefully rolled out in small wooden boxes, specially lined by hand with very fine wafer in the exact size, with an almost sartorial attention. Once cooled, the Nougat is cut by the nougat masters and then packaged in elegant parchment paper bags or other refined and elegant solutions.

More Information
Weight 150 g
Line Classic
Brand Flamigni
Country of Manufacture Italy

Nougat is a sweet with ancient roots and it is a part of our national identity. Its taste brings us back in time and we feel like our great-grandparents felt when they were children and they received a piece of nougat at Christmas.
Nougat produced by Flamigni is a genuine and digestible product, made with high quality natural ingredients. It is handmade since high quality ingredients need to be treated with due respect.

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